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Connecticut Electrathon

Registration for the 2024 Electrathon will require Online Registration (green button on the top left) to rebuild the database of participants, which was lost last year. Programs must also complete the Registration Form (green button at top center) to complete all the necessary forms. Some of these forms need to be mailed back!


Tired of teaching the same old material? Have an abundance of unmotivated students? Being pressured to develop an interdisciplinary program? Searching for a program that other teachers and administrators will notice? Need some positive moments?

Searching for an educational program that offers:

  • Science

  • Community and professional involvement?

  • Math

  • Research

  • Physics

  • Development

  • Fabrication

  • Communication Skills

  • Writing Skills

  • Mentoring

  • Partnerships

  • Graphic Design

All of these aspects and more are developed within the Electrathon program while students work as a team to achieve a common goal. Connecticut formalized an Electrathon series beginning in late May or June of 2001. I hope that you and your school elect to join this exciting educational program. This program offers schools a great opportunity to integrate subject matter in a meaningful way. Students become active participants in their education and learn to work cooperatively.

The goal of Electrathon is to provide a learning experience that will build public awareness of the capabilities and potential of efficient electric vehicles. Developed around specific rules designed to keep cost down and competition high, these unique vehicles offer an opportunity and challenge to experiment, learn, and compete.


  • To drive an electric-powered vehicle as far as possible on a closed circuit course for one hour, using a limited electrical supply.

  • To provide a forum where skill and ingenuity may be displayed.

  • To provide public awareness and understanding of efficient electrical vehicles.


The bar has been raised! We hope your students are up to the challenge. Start your students on a path they will remember for a lifetime. The sooner you start, the more rewarding your program will become.


In 2004 CT Electrathon became an innovator in becoming one of the first programs to incorporate classes. Classes were made because of the growing interest and the new types of vehicles being made. This also allows for new competitors to have a better experience and to keep fair contest among very serious competitors. The three class are Novice, Classic and Composite.

  • NOVICE CLASS includes vehicles of schools that are new to the Electrathon Series and are competing for the first or second time, these vehicles cannot be composite. If a Novice vehicle completes more than 100 laps in their first race they will be moved to the Classic class for the next event

  • CLASSIC CLASS includes any vehicle that is made of metal or is a kit car and the team has competed with the vehicle in prior events.

  • COMPOSITE CLASS is for advanced vehicles made of composite materials such as fiber glass, with no frame.


CT Electrathon began in 2001 with the inaugural CT Electrathon Challenge held at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, Connecticut. The CT Electrathon Challenge was formed after learning of the Great Alternative Energy event that was formed by Central Connecticut State University and RHAM High School. The CT Electrathon Challenge was made to include more research and engineering and to incorporate it into a high school atmosphere. This program has been growing steadily by about 20% per year and thanks to Lime Rock’s donation of their track twice per year we hope it can continue to grow. It has grown to include not just Connecticut schools but schools from around the country and Canada. In turn many of these schools themselves have begun to form Electrathon events in their respective states.

Our Sponsors

Electrathon Promotion Video Competition

We are excited to announce the inaugural/pilot Electrathon Video Competition! This thrilling contest invites high school students to showcase their creativity, teamwork, and enthusiasm for environmentally friendly transportation by producing compelling promotional videos to attract new members to their Electrathon Organization.


​The Electrathon Promotion Video Competition offers high school students a fantastic opportunity to showcase their skills, creativity, and dedication to advancing sustainable transportation. By participating, students will contribute to the recruitment efforts of their electric car club and promote the larger goal of environmental sustainability. So, gather your team, charge your cameras, and create an electrifying promotional video that ignites change!

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