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What do WorkspaceCT's professional development, team-building sessions, field trips, and experienced-based parties all have in common? They are all based on the principles of meaningful engagement, learner-based discovery, and social and emotional connection.

Our team of specialists are seasoned, CT-certified professionals with a wealth of experience in education and a passion for driving positive change. Our primary focus is to empower learners of all ages and to create meaningful, engaging learning experiences that foster curiosity and a passion for life long learning. Each of our experts have specialized experience in their fields. Their expertise includes, but is not limited to:

  • Career & Technical Education

  • Theatre Education and Production

  • Business & Marketing Education

  • Designing Engaging, Authentic & Hands-On Learning Experiences

  • Curriculum and Assessment Design

  • Strategic Planning

  • Vision of the Graduate Development and Implementation


Click here to learn about our learning specialists.

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WorkspaceCT is the ideal place to bring students for learning and enrichment opportunities, whether it be for semester-long programs, week long enrichment camps or day trips. Students can participate in a variety of types of programs which include:


  • Culinary lessons 

  • Social skill, cooperation and confidence building

  • Acting and theatre production workshops

  • Entrepeneurship 

  • Graphic and website design

  • STEM and more!

Who said only kids get to have fun? Definitely not us! Let us help your employees re-energize and feel positive about their work and co-workers. It's no surprise that engaged employees are more committed, motivated, and likely to contribute positively to an organization. If you are an employer or manager, it's critical to recognize the importance of employee well-being which can lead to increased job satisfaction. Our retreats will help foster a sense of belonging and a positive work culture. Choose from a long list of options which include:


  • Culinary adventures

  • Escape games

  • Murder mysteries

  • Mindful crafting and More!

We promise your employees will be thanking you afterward for an energizing experience!

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We love our families and friends and all, but let's be honest, on that special day that only comes just once a year, we want to do more than just sit around and eat pizza and cake. We want cool experiences and we figured you might just want that too. In fact, people enjoy our enrichment classes so much that they began asking if we did private parties. And we said - "Why didn't we think of that?"

Sure life is about contributing to society and all that jazz, but it's also about enjoying quality time with our family and friends in ways that you will remember forever. We can't let our amazing space go to waste! So, now we do all types of educational parties. Contact us below to book your experience!

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