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Advisory Board

Aspirations and Guiding Principles

Cooperative Educational Services and EdAdvance will work together, in partnership with our representative school districts and municipalities, to build a vibrant community of learning dedicated to preparing all students for success beyond school. Through our collaborative use of the WorkspaceCT facility, we strive to provide learners of all ages personal and professional educational experiences that support growth, value creativity, and inspire innovation, self-direction, and meaningful engagement.  

  • Our focus will always be on developing and honoring the student’s voice – encouraging courageous choices, authentic learning, and personal ownership of learning.

  • We believe all students and adults can benefit from WorkspaceCT learning opportunities and we will work to make them available to anyone who wants to engage and grow.

  • We will celebrate successes, learn from failures, and work everyday to increase our capacity to support learning.

  • Cooperative Educational Services and EdAdvance will be equal partners who share in the challenges, opportunities, and outcomes of this exciting collaboration.

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