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Teacher Innovation Studio

Design Thinking for Impact and Equity

July 11 - 15, 2022

8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Teacher Innovation Studio is a K-12 teacher training program led by Matthew Worwood, Professor of Digital Media Design and host of the Fueling Creativity podcast, that increases teacher agency in the classroom and supports the design and development of technological solutions with impact.


The program will promote teacher creativity as a core skill that supports increased teacher agency when designing and implementing technological solutions for the classroom.

Participants will apply Design Thinking principles as they develop and test a solution for a problem of practice impacting students in their classroom. The first phase consists of a one-week summer residency at Workspace in Bethel, CT. During this time, participants will develop ideas and identify strategies to test them in the classroom. Teachers will then return for a sequence of shorter workshops during Fall 2022 as they prepare for Connecticut's first annual Teacher Innovation Showcase. Upon completing the program, participants will receive recognition as a Design Champion of the Classroom with potential opportunities to return the following year as instructors.

Nominations are being accepted online. The cost to attend is $960 per person. Food will be provided.


For more information about the residency, please contact Jonathan Costa at

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